Jarallax controllers introduction

This jarallax animation has mutiple controllers.
All Jarallax controllers can work simultaneously together.

the following controllers are active:

Jarallax controllers

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What are Jarallax controllers?

Jarallax is an animation library you can use with custom controllers. Instead of timebased animations you can control the animations with everything you want. Jarallax controllers tell Jarallax at what position the current animation is and updates the CSS accordingly.

How do you use it?

Every Jarallax animation uses an animation controller. By default Jarallax uses a Scroll controller. Jarallax controllers are defined when constructing the Jarallax instance. var jarallax = new Jarallax(new ControllerScroll());

building a custom controller

Each Jarallax controller has an "activate" Method, "deactivate" Method and a custom method for updating.

Activate: this method is initiated when the Jarallax instance is created.
Deactivate: this method is optional, it usually removes event listeners which where created using the Activate method.

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